Writing and Editing Services

Copy editing

Copy editing is one of the most important things you can do to improve the quality of written work.

As well as fixing grammar, spelling and punctuation errors, a copy editor will fix problems with transitions, wordiness, jargon and consistency, and will ensure the style and tone of the piece is maintained throughout. Basically, a copy editor is the reader’s best friend, because they make sure the piece has a logical structure and is readable and understandable, without jarring errors or clunky passages of writing.

I have copy edited all sorts of different documents, including government reports, academic research papers, technical ‘how to’ guides, industry magazine articles, small business web copy and fiction manuscripts. All these documents have different purposes and audiences, so they vary in terms of the style they are written in, the terminology they use and the complexity of the language and its presentation. I will ensure your written work will be appropriate for its audience and that the text will be clear, correct, understandable and consistent. Consistency is particularly important if the document has been written by multiple contributors, which is often the case with business and government reports.


Proofreading is the final but crucial step before publication. A proofreader will find and fix errors in the final draft of your document, getting rid of any lingering spelling mistakes, typos and inconsistencies that could annoy your readers and reduce the effectiveness of your message.

It is always a good idea to have someone proofread your work before it is printed or published online, because a fresh pair of eyes will pick up errors you have not noticed. When you re-read something you’ve been working on, even though your eyes see what’s on the page, your brain interprets what it wants – or expects – to see, not always what is actually there. You can read something several times and not notice the typo that’s right in front of your face!

Word Wise will provide that crucial ‘last look’ at your document, manuscript or business marketing material.


As a freelance writer, I have produced articles on topics as diverse as parenting, cheese-making, speed dating, gardening, sustainable building practices and music teaching, to name just a few. I love the adventure of tackling different topics because I always learn new and interesting things.

Website content writing

I will write or edit the information for your website so it is clear, informative and engaging for the reader, and free of errors and inconsistencies.

Blog writing

I have written content for a variety of blogs that covers a vast range of topics – from home loan refinancing to head lice eradication tactics and all sorts of things in-between!

Document formatting and layout

I am proficient in Microsoft Word, Indesign and Publisher, and I can make your document look professional, attractive and reader-friendly.

EBook formatting

I specialise in formatting Microsoft Word files ready for upload as ebooks through Kindle Direct Publishing (Amazon) and Smashwords. With hands-on experience as an independent author, I am happy to provide advice and guidance about the self-publishing process.

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