Ebook Formatting

Word Wise provides formatting services to help independent authors publish ebooks with minimum hassle and maximum enjoyment.

If you’re mystified by technology-talk, self-publishing can seem complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. I know this because I’m a writer too, and I’ve recently discovered that, with the help of great websites like Kindle Direct Publishing (Amazon) and Smashwords, you can have the thrill of seeing your words come to life as an ebook and be available for distribution through retailers like Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Smashwords, and more.

All you need is two things:

* A Word document that is formatted to or Kindle Direct Publishing (Amazon) or Smashwords requirements.

* An image for the ebook cover that has the right specifications. (If you do a Google search for ‘ebook covers’, you’ll find lots of cover designers.)

How Word Wise can help you

It’s the first bit we can help you with (and we’re happy to give some advice about the second). We will format your Word document to ensure it will  upload with no problems and turn into a great-looking ebook. You could do the formatting yourself, but unless you’re familiar with using styles in Microsoft Word and are willing to learn and follow the ebook formatting ‘rules’, it can be tricky. But, here at Word Wise, we use Microsoft Word all the time and actually like fiddly formatting jobs. (Weird, right?)


To provide a firm quote, we’ll need to see your document, as formatting issues can vary a lot from one file to another.

But usually, prices will be:


* Up to 10,000 words: AU$40 / US$35

* 10,001 to 40,000 words: AU$60 / US$50

* 40,001 to 100,000 words:  AU$80 / US$65

* 100,001 to 200,000 words: AU$120 / US$95

* More than 200,000 words: Contact us to arrange a quote.


* All non-fiction will be quoted individually, as formatting requirements can vary so much. If most of the book is text, rather than images, pricing would be the same as for fiction manuscripts.

What this pricing covers

Our standard pricing includes:

* Your Word file being formatted to either Smashwords or Kindle Direct Publishing (Amazon) requirements. We guarantee it will be suitable to upload and will be accepted into the Smashwords Premium Catalog.

* A linked Table of Contents (up to 25 entries) that links to each chapter in your ebook

* Up to 5 images correctly sized and inserted

* Title page and copyright and license page as per Smashwords requirements

* A suitable end section tailored to what you want; maybe an ‘About the author’ page, and information and links for your other books

* Generally a turnaround of 3-5 working days.

Optional extras

* To check your cover image and reformat/resize it to Smashwords specifications – AU$30 / US$25

* Extra images – AU$30 / US$25 for 6 to 20 images (then $1 per image after that)

* To provide a second file so that you can upload to both Smashwords and Kindle Direct Publishing – AU$20 / US$15

* Conversion and formatting cleanup from PDF files – Contact us for a quote.